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Located in East Atlanta near the banks of the South River; our studios and event spaces offer affordable spaces for artists, designers and other creative professionals. Inhabiting a series of warehouses on 4 acres of converted industrial land, the project mission is to retain and strengthen Atlanta's contemporary art community and help it grow.

Our artists are diverse in their mediums, artistic goals, backgrounds, ages and experiences. This rich mix creates a culture of sharing, support and cross pollination of ideas and work. We believe that artist communities are an integral part of a developing city but are also incredibly beneficial to the artists that are a part of them.                     


Artists learn, grow and progress from one another’s feedback and critique. This empowers them to strive for more. Artists can explore new outlets for their work through collaboration and we hope to cultivate that kind of environment.             


If you are interested in learning more about our community, please feel free to reach out.



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1300 Fleetwood Dr SE

Atlanta, GA 30316

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